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Monday, 3 June 2013

New Video Alert - Maroon 5 - Love Somebody

Could this be a contender for video of the year? We think so - art, intrigue, love, & creativity are all at the heart of the new Maroon 5 video for their latest single Love Somebody...

Maroon 5 has been on a roll with their latest album Overexposed. The videos for Payphone and One More Night are already modern day classics - big budget mini-movies that blew the minds of their huge fan base. An entirely different route is used for Love Somebody however, being their most artistic video to date. A triumph of green screen technology, we start with a white screen and don't see the handsome Adam Levine until he dips his hand in paint and smears it across his face and body to reveal himself. Adam then reveals his female partner using the same method. We also see the rest of the band revealed with splotches of paint. Directed by Rich Lee who also directed Michael Buble's fun Just Haven't Met You Yet and Fergie's Clumsy, Love Somebody is mesmerising to watch. One of our favorite albums of 2012, Overexposed just keeps pumping out the hits and Maroon 5 cement themselves as one of the best bands of all time. Have a watch of Love Somebody here now..!

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