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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

New Video Alert - Lawson - Brokenhearted Feat. B.O.B.

One of our favorite bands from last year was UK group Lawson who seemed to come out of nowhere with some brilliant tracks like When She Was Mine, Learn To Love Again & Taking Over Me. Their album Chapman Square was played over and over till we found ourselves singing along with every one of the ripper tracks. We were surprised to find this week a new song from Lawson...
Brokenhearted has been released and we became excited about an upcoming all new album - we shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. Brokenhearted is not a cover of the brilliant Karmin single, it's an all new single to be relased with a re-issue of Chapman Square next month. 

It's a shame because Brokenhearted has the strength to be a lead single of a new album. Brokenhearted shows all the hallmarks of a Lawson single, great vocals, beat and melody - but with the added goodness of a cameo from B.O.B

We weren't sure if a rapper would suit a Lawson track but we quite enjoyed what he has brought to the song. A top 4 highest point in the UK charts last year is the best that Chapman Square has achieved - maybe with Brokenhearted they'll go number one..!

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