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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

New Video Alert - Jessie Malakouti - White Girl Wasted

We’ve loved Jessie & The Toy Boys ever since hearing We Own The Night. Well this blonde siren is stepping out from her toy boys, as Jessie Malakouti is flying solo and is getting White Girl Wasted... 
Continuing the electro-pop theme The Stereotypes produced track, it slightly edgier, with deep electro beats and the singers distinct rapping style.  

White Girl Wasted sings of trouble actress Amanda Bynes after her recent twitter outlash against the world with Malakouti saying "Dear Amanda Bynes, this one's for you"

The Andi Elloway directed video by see’s the singer and a group of ladies getting ready for a night out, partying the night away and getting a little wasted. We love the yellow knickers round the ankles Jessie, haha..!

White Girl Wasted is exclusively streaming on Spotify for three weeks..!

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