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Monday, 24 June 2013

New Video Alert - Cazwell and Luciana - Guess What

Grab two gay faves, our pop lover Luciana and American Rapper/song writer Cazwell, throw in some Neon outfits and smoke, channel your inner devil and you have the new video for Guess What…

 This dance floor anthem produced by up-and-coming Russian duo Fagault & Marina, combines the rapping genius of Cazwell and further lyrical foreplay from Luciana, that deliver a electro dancefloor pleaser, with catchy lyrics and a pulsating best.

Speaking of the collaboration Cazwell said "Luciana has a voice like fire," continuing saying "I felt such immediate chemistry with Luciana. We literally met the day before the video shoot. Both being Cancers helps too. ... She came up with the hook, and I kinda worked my lyrics around it. I knew my rhymes had to match the power of that chili-pepper voice. I wanted something that would be fun for clubs and showcase both of our skills."
The video directed by J.B Ghuman is simple yet effective seeing the two singers strut and dancing round a warehouse, to then get their devil horns out and channel a slice of evil.
*SCP throws head back and does vampire laugh*
Check out the video below which is the lead single of Cazwell’s new album Hard 2 B Fresh and you can get this dance anthem on iTunes now..!

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