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Thursday, 6 June 2013

New Video Alert - Carina Dahl - I Don't Care

Often it's a good thing that we familiarise ourselves with a new song before we know much about the artist. Had we known the background of Norweigian Carina Dahl before we may not have even given I Don't Care a listen to and that would have been a mistake...
Her Father is Diesel Dahl from heavy metal band TNT, she has tried twice to represent Norway in Eurovision, has worked as a glamour model for years and even was a member of the 2006 series of Big Brother in Norway. It really is enough to turn you off but once you listen to the song you'll forget all of this. 

Her new single I Don't Care is brilliant!!!! 

It has everything we look for in a Pop song - great beat, strong vocals, catchy melody and so much more. If this track was released by Carly Rae Jepsen it would be a number one around the world. We can't say much for the cheapy shot video to accompany the track which looks like it was done by a friend with a HD camera and iMovie but when the song is that strong who cares! Carina obviously doesn't!! This is one amazing song - have a listen to I Don't Care and you'll agree..!

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