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Saturday, 29 June 2013

New Single Alert - One Direction - Best Song Ever

The One Direction juggernaut continues throughout 2013, with the boys on their world wide tour and about to release their new movie This Is Us. However that doesn’t mean they can’t be releasing new music, which the band says is the Best Song Ever

The first song to be taken from their forthcoming third album, Best Song Ever will be released next month, which according to the press release is “another memorable modern-pop classic” and has a “sky scraping sing along chorus, One Direction’s new single expands their sound yet remains as irrepressibly infectious as ever”

You can check out the new single by Niall, Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn’s in their new movie trailer for This Is Us, which was launched this week, however you can only hear a snippet near the end which could support the press release, however SCP will reserve judgment until we hear the track in its entirety.

The movie trailer looks fun and secretly SCP will be checking it out when its released. Who wouldn’t for crying out loud!

Best Song Ever is available to pre-order now from iTunes and will no doubt sell a zillion copies before 22nd July when its officially released.

So question is, will you be going to see 1D in 3d Movie?

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