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Friday, 7 June 2013

New Single Alert - Kim Cesarion - Undressed

What is it with the Swedes? No other country in the world know Pop better than the Swedish. And it's not neccessarily generic Pop that they excel in
look at Robyn and the alternative Pop/Dance gems she presents to us with each album. The newest Swede on the scene is Kim Cesarion whose debut single Undressed is really a masterpiece of musicality...
And he proves it too. Not only does is work as an upbeat pop/dance track it also works as a smooth groove instrumental vocal performance as well. We have both versions of Undressed below for you. The handsome Kim has one amazing falsetto that is so well controlled in the chorus he equals the brilliant Prince in our estimation. 

Undressed is already shaping up to be one of our favorite tracks of the year and it only needs one thing. For the whole world to hear it! Well that's what we're here for - you have to listen to Undressed below..!

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