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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

New Single Alert - Icona Pop - Girlfriend

 You loved it, we loved it, the whole pop world loved it... we can only be talking about I Love It by Icona Pop which was a huge smash worldwide. Well the girls are back with their new single, the electro-pop masterpiece Girlfriend...

Finally back after what seems foreeeeevvvvveeerr, the Swedish duo Icona Pop follow up their first smash hit written with Charli XCX, with another electro-pop summer anthem. Sampling Tupac Shakur original hook  "All I need in this life of sin/Is me and my girlfriend" which was also used in Beyonce and Jay-Z in 2003 hit Bonnie & Clyde, it makes the track once again another catchy pop masterpiece.

Continuing their punching the air dance anthem style and fun of their first single, the track will become the sound track to lovers and girlfriends around the globe and be a dancefloor pleaser.

We said these girls were one’s to watch and you can’t deny they are certainly making their mark on the pop world in 2013.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think..?

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