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Saturday, 22 June 2013

New Single Alert - Delta Goodrem - Heart Hypnotic

We’ve gotta be honest here, lately our feelings towards Delta Goodrem’s latest music has at best been mixed. 2012 was not the best year for her - Sitting On Top Of The World was pretty good whilst Dancing With A Broken Heart was mediocre. We weren’t quite sure where she was trying to position herself in the music scene and her performance in the 2012 series of The Voice lost her a lot of fans. What a turn-around 2013 has been for her then!..
A complete turnaround as a judge on The Voice – sweet, funny, compassionate and honest made her one of our favourites on the judging panel… and now this. Wow! Her new single Heart Hypnotic is her best single in years. She’s cleverly brought together the popularity of dance with the strong song writing and power vocals of classic Delta that we love. This song will appeal to both radio and dance-floors and should be a welcome return to the top of the charts for our Delta. If this is a Delta Goodrem renaissance then we welcome it whole heartedly – check out Heart Hypnotic below – you’ll love it..!

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