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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

New Album Alert - Goldfrapp - Tales Of Us

SCP feels they may burst with excitement and it feels like POP Christmas, as Goldfrapp have just announced their return to the charts with new album Tales Of Us…

We’ve always been HUGE fans of Goldfrapp since they first joined the pop charts back in 2000 and their album’s Black Cherry, Supernature and Head First remain on constant repeat at SCP HQ. 

Well after two years in the making (apart from their singles collection last year) they announced their upcoming sixth studio album titled Tales of Us which is to be released September 9, including the below track listing.

Tales Of Us track listing










(Hmm we sense a theme here!)

No doubt filled with further 80s synth pop driven tracks that pulsate through your head and deliver pop perfection, however that all the info we have for now. Oh unless you want to see them on european tour, which they will be doing from July through to November. Check out website for details.

Excited, you bet your poptastic ears we are!
*SCP spins round in circles*

You can get a sneak peak of their album in the below trailer. With its uniquely cinematic narrative, filmmaker Lisa Gunning is creating a compelling and beautiful film to accompany the album, which will be shown in cinemas later this year.
More details soon..!

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