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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Who should be on the next American Idol judging panel?

With American Idol finale next week, it's an interesting time for the show as all four current judges Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban are not set to return for season thirteen, leaving only Ryan Seacrest as the show's only remaining original cast member.

Instead of being fired, Randy Jackson announced this week he is leaving the show after twelve years, saying to E! News: "Yo! Yo! Yo! To put all of the speculation to the rest, after 12 years of judging on American Idol I have decided it is time to leave after this season," he says...

"I am very proud of how we forever changed television and the music industry. It's been a life changing opportunity but I am looking forward to focusing on my company Dream Merchant 21 and other business ventures."
Least he is going on his own terms, saying that he'd quit rather than being fired. Mariah, Nicki & Keith are being shown the stage exit after just one season, due to a 25 per cent dip in viewers from last season, with TV execs saying "The judges don't have real chemistry, and there's no real stand out contestant"
So the question we are asking at SCP HQ, is who will be next panel?
With talent contests such as X-Factor, America's/Britain's/Australia's Got Talent being shown in every country of the world, it's becoming slim pickings as to which celebrities will have the greatest pull, to get the "original" talent show back on the rails. 
Exec Producers have said they "want to go big next season" with reports of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, P!nk and Diddy, being lined up, however all want big bucks for appearing. A source has said "It will cost a fortune to get them, but the show has gotten so stale that Fox is desperate for a revamp - they're willing to pay to put 'Idol' back on top." 

However, here are our thoughts…
Agree, P!nk would be amazing! She has been very successful down under in Australia, however maybe not as successful in the U.S, but would be a good draw card. 
Justin Bieber may have a zillion fans, however can he really be seen as a good judge after just two albums? At only just 19 years old, we are not sure he has the weight or years to give coaching tips to young wannabe popstars. 
Diddy, fair enough, he has been around for a while, however Selena is just not even worth discussing!
At SCP, we think Idol should focus on both star power and pop stars who are respected. With that said, you should look no further than Beyonce. No one can argue that girl can't sing and if you look back over her last ten years has enough awards on the shelf to be a credible judge.
Justin Timberlake once again would be another great addition to the judging panel. Always up for challenging himself as an artist and creating music that represents him. Isn't this what the show is about, finding natural talent that is new?
I suppose they could wheel out Simon Cowell again, however he's had his day and the talent show need to evolve, not go back in time. That said, we think the Jennifer Lopez and Steve Tyler combo was AMAZING! Aaah we miss them! 
And no comedian's or reality TV shows stars! No offence Ellen, we love you and you brought some great humour to the show in Season 9, however if Fox are serious about making this show the "godfather" of talent shows once more, then they need to really look at who has talent and who is respected in the industry. Not just who is big right now..!
Some pop food for thought, however until they announce the new panel, we will sit back in enjoy the season 12 finale. Good luck to Candice and Kree, we'll be watching. And a thanks to current judges Keith, for being real, Nicki for being you, Mariah for throwing glitter on contestants and lastly Randy Jackson, we salute you for your twelve years service. You've done America proud..!

Here's a recap of the Top 3 results show. Tune in to Fox next week for the grand finale..!

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