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Friday, 24 May 2013

Pete's Pop Picks

Welcome to the first Pete’s Pop Picks for a while! Pete’s been having a little rest but has been scouring the world for the best Pop music to bring you! This month’s Pete’s Pop Picks feature amazing duos with tracks you’ll just love! Take it away Pete..!
Capital Cities – Safe & Sound 
It’s amazing what you manage to stumble across sometimes! Capital Cities are a duo from L.A. and they originally released Safe & Sound back in 2011. The track hung around for a while but never really took off.  Then it went off in Germany after it was used in a Vodafone commercial

Well Capital Cities must have known they had a some gold in their hand – they just needed to brush off the dust to see it. And brush it off they did. This track is a work of genius and now Safe & Sound is being recognised as a pop/dance masterpiece! A brilliant and creative video helps to make this track is deserving of Pete’s Pop Pick of May..!

AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies
Hailing from London, AlunaGeorge are an Electronic Pop duo who really know how to create a unique sound. You may have heard of them on the Disclosure track White Noise which was a big dance hit around the world.

Now they’re after their own mainstream success, but they’re keeping their edge. With their own take on Little Red Riding Hood in the video and a decidedly different sound Attracting Flies is unique to most other pop tracks out there – with a high pitched catchy riff and sultry vocals AlunaGeorge have a portion of the pop market all to themselves..!

Krewella – Alive
When I first heard this name my immediate thought was of 101 Dalmations and Cruella De Vil! Luckily there’s nothing nasty about Krewella – they’re just a brilliant dance outfit from Chicago, Illinois.

Alive is a fantastic dance track that has a little bit of an Avicii sound in the backing track. Alive has already gone to number 1 on the Billboard Dance Radio chart and now they’re aiming for more of a mainstream cross-over. If regular radio get a hold of this, they’re sure to as this tracks a killer..!

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