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Friday, 31 May 2013

New Video Alert - Ke$ha - Crazy Kids ft.

When you think that Ke$ha can’t get anymore quirky, she releases a new video that trumps the last. Though, it’s not surprising as her latest single is named Crazy Kids which is very apt for the singer featuring guest vocals from
Directed by Darren Craig, the Warrior singer dons an array of eye-popping outfits including big bling, braids and whacky sunnies, as she gets wild in a condo with her twin puppies and bunch of pensioners at a pool party, channeling her inner Riff Raff. She told

"Well I love Riff Raff. I love that reference," continuing saying "I just kind of have been braiding my hair a lot recently. I like kind of looking like a gangster. The hair, it took four hours to get it braided and I had to sleep in a do-rag. And, I'm just really proud of that hair."

We personally loved and had to laugh at the dance moves by the pool!

Black Eyed Peas frontman, is digitally integrated into the clip in a man dressed in a gold spacesuit, which still, in our opinion doesn’t add any additional wow to the track.

Crazy Kids is the third single taken of the singer album Warrior available on iTunes now..!

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