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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

New Video Alert - Classified - Inner Ninja Feat. David Myles

Are you a fan of the Chris Rock and Chris Farley movie Beverly Hills Ninja? Well this delightfully stupid movie is about to have a renaissance with the help of Canadian rapper Classified...
Sampling a scene from the movie at the start of the track (only on the single not the video) the scene is set - fun and quirky but definately not stupid. 

This is one cool track - Inner Ninja has aleady been to number five on the Canadian charts making it Classified's most successful song at home since 2000 but Inner Ninja is destined for so much more. 

This track has the ability to be a world-wide smash hit and the video is great fun too and features some actual martial arts students who get to show of their amazing skills despite their young age. 

With Canadian singer/songwriter David Myles providing the vocals this brilliant track is a favorite at the SCP offices and we bet you'll love it too..!

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