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Friday, 10 May 2013

New Single Alert - The Saturdays - Gentleman

Even though scoring their first Number 1, their last track What About Us was fun , yet not up to normal The Saturdays standard we have come to expect. We mean, their last album On Your Radar was bursting with pop gems that just blew our pop minds! Well the girls are back with new single Gentleman, the second track to be released from their fourth yet untitled album...
  No it’s not the PSY version, it’s more a swing beat, cute track that reminds us of very early Girls Aloud and the girls try rapping complains about how finding a gentleman to date is difficult in modern society.

Nothing really spectacular to be honest, no massive dance beat we have come to expect from The Saturdays and no amazing chorus to blast us. Name dropping in  the track is cute however doesn’t do much. It sounds more like a B-Side not a new single and ending with lyrics  “Go go 90s, go go 90s, Go go 90s, go go 90s, So 1999!" which is where the track belongs. Girls, you set the high expectations, so please try harder. C minus in pop school for you..!

Check out the track below and let us know your thoughts..?

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