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Thursday, 9 May 2013

New Single Alert - Mariah Carey - #beautiful feat Miguel

We have always loved Mariah Carey, she is a pop legend after all, we did not take kindly to her last “comeback” single Triumphant as it certainly wasn’t one. Well the American Idol judge, which by the way she is awesome, who else throws glitter over the contestants for god sake! We digress...
The Dreamlover is back with new single #beautiful featuring neo-soul singer Miguel and is a blend of R&B and pop, that works well. Miguel delivers smooth soul vintage grooves and Carey sings #beautifully about her bad boy lover. Speaking of the track she said
“I feel like this is the first record I’ve ever released that’s simmering and bubbling up… It’s a feel-good record… It’s genre-less… It’s not following a trend. That’s the best thing about this record in my opinion, because having to follow trends is not what’s fun about making music.”

Well you certainly have made for your last single MC as we are diggin' this track and great to have you back! Grab you copy of the great new single on iTunes now..! 
BTW.We are unsure about this trend of using a hashtag infront of everything, let’s hope it’s a short lived trend. #Overandout #snapcacklepop 

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