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Thursday, 23 May 2013

New Single Alert - Backstreet Boys - Permanent Stain

Are you ready for an announcement, ok, everybody, Backstreet's Back!! Geez that felt good to say!! Yes that's right, Brian, Nick, Howie, Kevin & AJ are BACK!! If you were in your teens or twenties during the 1990's the Backstreet Boys would have been a big part of your life...
Smash hits like I Want It That Way, Larger Than Life, As Long As You Love Me & The One cemented them as one of the biggest bands of all time.

The biggest selling boy band, currently on a world tour with Jesse McCartney, the boys have now also released their first new single since 2009 - Permanent Stain

No doubt the title will be the butt of many jokes, they are referring to a stain on their heart - of course!! We really like their return single - it's a slightly more modern twist on classic BSB - perfect for a comeback track! 

Have a listen to their new single here now & we'll be sure to bring you the video as soon as it's out..!

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