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Thursday, 9 May 2013

New Video Alert - Annie - Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts

It’s been four years since Annie served up her brilliant electro pop delightful album Don’t Stop and we still play the Norwegian’s awesome debut Animal frequently at SCP HQ. So we were delighted to be sent the video for her new single Tube Stops And Lonely Hearts...
Produced by Brian Higgin’s team Xenomania and German producer Ville Haimala the track reminds us of early 90’s raves or even early St Etienne with a bit of dark pop edge, which Annie says about the track its “an emotional tribute to the rave culture in the early nineties” and “a danceable diary entry,”

The video is interesting viewing, with Annie hanging out in a storage warehouse mixed with an array of psychedelic images and weirdly a bike spin class on a roof of a high rise building..!

Still Annie that we love, however a slightly deeper & brooding element, which is the first single of the singers long overdue third album. Check out the track below and let us know if you still love Annie like we do..!

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