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Friday, 12 April 2013

New Video Alert - Vanbot - When My Heart Breaks

Ever since we first discovered Vanbot, we were hooked on her blend of electro-pop, that she won our OMG! What an awesome debut Album Award in 2011 and have since been patiently waiting for her follow up album. Well after a first glimpse of what to expect early last year, when the Swedish singer released Got To Get It, then releasing Hold This Moment a darker and brooding electro pop masterpiece, the singer has been locked up in the pop studio, hard at work finalising further tracks until now, releasing another new single and WOW has she done us proud...
Releasing this week new single When My Heart Breaks, she is back with her synth driven retro beats, catchy lyrics and EPIC chorus that explodes into “That’s When My Heart Breaks” like your heart is literally exploding! We must give Vanbot credit here, as she has a great ability of being able to deliver beautiful and emotional lyrics, matching it with a polished dance production that also takes you on journey. Check out the new video to accompany the single release directed by D.O.P, that see’s Vanbot escaping the city end up running across snow covered fields.

Ester, Vanbot, or Vanessa, once again you deliver us pop brilliance! We can’t wait to get our hand on your new EP, as if you keep delivering like this, we could have a contender for pop album of the year..!

When My Heart Breaks is available on iTunes now..!

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