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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Kacey Musgraves takes on Taylor Swift in country girl chart battle..!

New U.S. country girl on the block singer/songwriter Kacey Musgraves is making waves across the international pop pond with her debit album Same Trailer Different Park sits in the No. 2 position on the iTunes Country Chart in the UK behind Taylor Swift. We love a bit of country at SCP, and loving the sound from Kacey, especially single Merry Go 'Round...
The Guardian raved about Musgraves’ Same Trailer Different Park, touting “Not since the emergence of Taylor Swift has there been as much buzz in the genre about a young artist’s crossover potential,” adding “She [Musgraves] sings with an affectless detachment...and uses it to cut sharply through the lies people tell themselves… .”

Wowser, that’s quite some call out Mr Guardian.

After listening to Same Trailer Different Park, the Nashville-based singer-songwriter’s first album for Mercury Records, it’s clear that this is a girl who has something to say. A true language artist, Kacey nimbly spins webs of words to create the quirky puns, shrewd metaphors, and steely ironies that fill the record.

“I love words,” Kacey says. “I love how intricate they can get. Even in simple conversation, I like it when language is colorful.” This appreciation for wordplay shines in songs like Silver Lining, a sunnyside-up ode to positive thinking packed full of commonplace idioms that she’s given clever tweaks . Take the bridge, for example: If you wanna find the honey/You can’t be scared of the bees/If you want to see the forest/You’re gonna have to look past the trees. “When I was in school, one of my favorite subjects was always creative writing,” she admits. Of course it was. 

Speaking of the UK success the singer said , “It's been an absolute delight coming to the U.K. I'm impressed by the super response from fans who seemed to know more lyrics to sing along to than even the Americans! The British really stand behind artists they believe in and I can't wait to come back!"

Listen for yourself and check out this new talent below. Same Trailer Different Park is available on iTunes now..!

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