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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Is Justin Bieber really a bad boy or just trying to shed his baby boy image?

With further reports this week that Justin Bieber's tour bus was raided and Swedish police discovering drugs and a stun gun the star's squeaky clean image is being damaged, however is that the plan all along?

It's been hot topic of discuss at SCP HQ as we have seen this pattern so many times before, with child stars, being brought up to be the girl next door image or the teenage boy that melts everyone's heart with their cute face and vocals to match resulting in shifting millions of records. 
K'ching goes the record company. 

However, there comes a point where these young stars want to grow up and no longer want to be known of Disney fame or the teen star that made it on YouTube and wants to shed the sweet child images that brought them success in the first place, however feel trapped in the music industry being told how to act and how to behave just to keep the $$$ coming in..! 

Let's look at Britney Spears, we love her, the teenage girl who sold million's and was sold at every opportunity by the record company. We felt for her so much when she was in a dark place, shaving off all her hair and making headlines everyday due to her erratic behaviour, however was it a scream for help? "I need to shed this sweet girl image, its not me!!" We still get upset when watching the Britney's 2008 documentary For The Record just for how lost she seemed, however that is the moment that changed her from being a teenage girl dressed a school uniform into the woman we know today.

Another example is Miley Cyrus. We are not big fans however, she has done many things to ensure she is no longer associated with Disney's Hannah Montanna that brought her fame, like starring in a bong-smoking video, chopping off all her hair, smoking joints on a hotel balconies and partying it up making tabloid headlines worldwide. A breakdown or just a series of event to help her seem adult?

So when we look at Bieber's recent behaviour in turning up to show's late, partying, finding drugs in his possession and attacking a photographer, should we really be be thinking he's a bad boy or has he just had enough of being the baby boy of pop, rebelling and wanting to grow up? Time will tell, however Justin if you push these antics too far, fans won't stick around to love you.

This is SCP fav song of the Bieber..!

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