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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Album Review - Hurts - Exile

English synthpop duo Theo and Adam aka Hurts have delivered their sophomore album Exile. There was a lot interest on the pop interweb in if the duo could further build on the debut success of their follow up the hugely successful and brilliant pop masterpiece Happiness.

SCP have been listening to the album for the last few weeks and can now definitely say they have delivered once again. Still with their heavy synth driven tracks courtesy of Adam’s production, though now slightly darker, rockier pop, channeling 80’s bands like Soft Cell or Depeche Mode. Working on the album Dan Grech-Marguerat and Happiness-producer Jonas Quant, the collection of tracks deliver passionate eletro-synth drive pop delights with impressive soaring vocals by Hutchcraft...
 Lead single Miracle reminds us of the anthems that songs the boys are brilliant at producing, included in that statement are tracks Exile being dark gritty synth-pop, Sandman is dark cutting beats, then just explodes into a dream like chorus with schoolgirl backing vocals. Blind starts with a great “Wewe-o-wew-o woooo, wewe-o,wewe-o, wooo” that undercuts throughout the song in this mid-tempo 90’s high energy ballad that explodes into a soaring chorus, which is pure electro-pop perfection. The middle of the album loses direction slightly, however this should not put you off as its a solid offering from the duo, full of anthems, ending with the delightful Somebody To Die For and The Rope. Fans of Hurts will just love it this, however feel unsure if the new offering will gain the duo a new swarm of fans, just keep the existing ones happy.

Exile is available on iTunes now..!

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