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Thursday, 28 March 2013

SnapCacklePop Interview - MKTO..!

Currently on a promo tour in Australia, we catch up with new pop kids on the block Malcolm and Tony of MKTO. Full of energy and life, we chat about the new single Thank You riding at No.2 in the iTunes Chart, being in Australia, working with Ne-Yo, when to expect an album and their secret pop crushes. Check out the interview with MKTO..!

Welcome to SnapCacklePop MKTO,
Malcolm: How ya doing!

How you finding Australia?
Tony: OMG man, its beautiful. The weather, the people and the experiences we are having here, It’s perfect.
M: So much fun, we are getting great news and we have just gone gold over here. Amazing.

And last night you had your pizza party...
Both: Yes man
M: Sad you missed it man, we had some fans in here, performed for them a little bit and got intimate with our Australian fans
T: It was awesome man, really cool.

Firstly MKTO name, is obviously you initials put together, how many other names did you come up with first before landing on your name?
T: Yeah we firstly wanted to call ourselves Role Models, mainly coz we are not (laughs) We’re just ourselves and not trying to be role models and the name was taken. So we thought lets just do something simple, our initials, MKTO, which also means Misfit Kids and Total Outcasts, which really is a summary  of not following the norm and doing what you want to do. Just because its cool, doesn’t means its cool, do what you want to do.

So, how would you describe your style or sound of music?
M: So it’s a mix of pop, rap, R&B, a little Hip-hop with catchy chorus’ which you can sing along, all real music, something you can relate to.
T: We always wanted to something like Hayley Williams Airplanes featuring B.o.B, having rap on it with a great pop hook. So that’s what we really wanted to do with this record. Especially with Thank You.

Talking of Thank You, it’s currently at No.2 in the iTunes charts
Both: YES!!!!
T: We are so excited man

So tell us about Thank You.
T: Thank You is a anthem we wanted to do in a sarcastic way, you know like Thank You, it’s not really about politics, it’s open for interpretation. We wanted to do a song that people could relate to. Kinda come together on an anthem kind of thing. It speaks a story. Every song should speak a story. A beginning, middle and end.

The video is very fun as well, how was that?
M: OMG Chris Cars man, was able to get our point across. We were on one of the streets in Hollywood, on top of a range rover, it was great.
T: I felt like a superstar man
Both: Yeah man
M: Police shutting the street down, it was crazy man. Once in a lifetime man.
Well lets hope not just once in a lifetime…
M: Totally man.

Well the track is certainly a vibrant mix of pop, hip-hop and R&B, is this what we can expect from the album Role Model’s?
T: Possible called Role Models
M: I think that is what we are leaning towards. But you’ll be able to find a lot of slow songs, upbeat songs, mellow songs
T: And we’ve done a track with Ne-Yo, which we are really excited about. It’s a great dance song. Yet the album is very diverse, even songs with Malcolm or just me. We really had the opportunity to write a very diverse record.

Is it important for you to show your diversity, instead of just being thrown into one genre?
T: Yeah, as music increases, you have to find that new sound and we are always down for that, so want to be really diverse and totally down for that.

So you say you have been working with Ne-Yo, who have you been working on the album with?
T: Well we had Max Martin come in, with Sami and Rami. That sounds like a hit.
M: Producers over at E-Man helped us write a great track

How long have you been working on the album?
T: It’s so weird, it’s been about a year. Being in the studio, vibing and then working with our producers for a long time, building a relationship.

When can we expect the album?
M: Currently, the end of the year.

You have said previously you want your tracks to describe views of your generation, what do you mean by that?
T: I think every generation has stuff they go through. In the states we are going through some economical times. So it’s open for interpretation, however this is what we are going through and what we wanted to talk about. We are going to be old men and there will be another MKTO speaking about their generation. We just wanted to speak about what we are going through.

Who would you say would be your musical influences?
M: A lot of old school music. My dad brought me up on James Brown, Kendrick Lamar, Tempations, Drake, Adele is great, Beyonce, Jay-Z, so many...
T: Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, we love listen to  soul music that we love bringing out in our music.

Who are you listening to right now?
T: Well I am really loving Ed Sheeran, just an amazing musician, something I have on repeat. Finally getting the attention it deserves
M: Kendrick Lamar is one of my favorites

Of those musical influences who would you love to meet most?
T: I would love to work with Justin Timberlake
M: It was great to work with Ne-Yo

Have you met anyone yet and been totally star struck?
T: I would be more totally star struck by more by running into Al Pacino or De Niro and some of those great actors, with music I haven’t been star struck yet. Who knows man, it’s just the start.

How have you found entering into the music industry, is it everything you expected? Harder than you thought?
M: Coming from acting, we kind of understand the biz a bit, but with music, it pretty much what I expected, but performing on stage has to be one of the highlights. The media reaction and the fans response.

So what is in the pipeline for the rest of the year?
T: So finish the record which will hopefully be ready soon
M: Touring will be next
So finally, to end, we have our SCP Silly 5 questions for this week…

Who’s your weird pop celeb crush on?
T: Ellie Goulding
M: I’m not sure. I have a crush on Tristin Mays

You have both done acting anymore in the pipeline?
T: I have a film out later this year  directed by Michael Bay

Sweet. Who would you Kiss, marry or avoid out of Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry?
T: Marry Katy Perry, Kiss Jennifer Lopez and avoid Britney Spears.
M: Same man.

What was the first single you ever brought?
T: Most prob a Lil Bow Wow song coz it had a Parental Advisory label on it and I felt so cool playing it.
M: Yeah think so too man.

If you had a superpower what would it be and why?
M: To make things happen. Just because. Like the one I had in Lost
T: The ability to fly.

Would you have a cape?
T: Sure why not (laughs) It would be removalable though.

What’s one secret you can tell us about each other.
T: We are both video game addicts.

Thank you for your time today and we wish you all the luck in getting to No.1 with Thank You guys.

Both: Thanks Snap Cackle Pop!

Thank You is available on iTunes now..!

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