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Monday, 11 March 2013

SnapCacklePop Interview - Bob Evans..!

We love an alter-ego at SCP HQ, so much, we have 6 working in the office, so when Bob Evans was in town last week we jumped at the chance to chat charming alter-ego of Australian recording artist Kevin Mitchell. We chat to the singer about what he’s been up to, new album, the drunken concept behind new video Go, being a musical slut, forthcoming tour and licking Josh Pyke..!

Bob Evans welcome to SnapCacklePop!

Firstly, we gotta tell you, we believe there’s one thing unique about your music – it appeals to everyone – from lovers of pop through to dance, alternative and rock – do you agree with this?
Wow – I don’t feel entirely comfortable presuming! I don’t know at the end of the day when you make music you hope that it will appeal to at least a few like-minded people so I think that’s good! Dance? Lovers of dance even you think? Well that’s good news!

We spent a couple of weeks travelling around New Zealand with an alternative music loving friend – and your album Suburban Songbook was one of the only ones we could both agree on!
Oh wow ok!

So what have you been doing since Goodnight Bull Creek?
Well the year after Bull Creek came out We created a group called Basement Birds with some friends of mine and we toured with that. I also in the meantime finished a Jebediah record and we put that out in 2011 – we finished touring that at the beginning of 2012, and that’s when I started finishing all the songs I’ve been writing for Bob over the last few years and then got into the studio in August last year, finishing up the record in October then we put out the first single – and E.P. in November and did a little mini tour with that and then here we are putting out the new record!

Jebediah, Basement Birds, Bob Evans – you really like to spread yourself around don’t you?
I’m a musical slut!

Hahaha that’s a good term – We think you must have said that before haven’t you?!
Oh yeah - It’s the only way to describe it – I guess the only challenge is to not spread myself too thin – but you know with each thing like Jebediah, and Basement Birds especially – it’s very collaborative – with other people involved with the song writing element, Bob Evans is still my baby so to speak as it’s mine and nobody else’s. So far there’s enough music coming into me and through me that I’ve been able to do a few other things as well.

Are we likely to see you perform under Kevin Mitchell anytime?
Good question. I do often ponder that myself. I don’t know – I guess the only time I see myself performing as Kevin Mitchell as sometime in the future when I perform Jebediah songs as well as Bob Evans songs – I think that’ll be in my retirement years.

Being so busy with all your projects do you get a chance to relax & chill out?
No, who wants to do that?! I guess Christmas time is the only time I get to do that. I don’t want to relax & chill out. I guess maybe my idea of relaxing and chilling out is being busy making music. But I also kinda get the fear if I’m not doing anything for more than a few days – if I’m not writing or playing a show or no one wants to talk to me like yourself I start to panic. I need to feel busy or otherwise I start to feel like I’m slowly dying.

What do you like to do outside of music?
I hate this question, as I don’t have an answer for it! I like drinking wine! I like listening to music and I like hanging out with my little baby daughter but I don’t have any hobbies. I said this in an interview before too when someone asked me ‘do I have any hobbies’ and ‘what do I do in my spare time’ and I said I’ve got no hobbies and no social life and it came back in print ‘he says jokingly he has no hobbies’ – but I wasn’t joking! I’m telling you how it is, I have no hobbies and no social life. I play music and I hang out with my wife and my baby and that is it! It’s not a complaint – it’s just the way I’ve fashioned my life.

Have you been contacted by the new Spicks & Specks yet?
I haven’t no – I’m a RocKwiz man!

You’re new single Go is a bit of fun hey – especially the video! Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind it?
My wife and I were getting drunk one day - after we put our daughter to bed of course she was sleeping soundly so I’m still up for father of the year award! – anyway we were getting pissed when we came up with the initial concept video – I suppose really the crux of it all was I wanted to do something fun. I didn’t want to do a serious video. With the whole record I didn’t want to do any ultra-serious dramatic video – I’ve done them in the past and the music itself has got a serious element to it, I didn’t want to get bogged down in doing overly earnest serious stuff. Video clips can be a drag at the best of times so any way I can make them more fun for myself, I’m gonna take.

Did you enjoy playing the bumbling guy?
Oh yeah it was great fun . Tim Rogers did an absolutely sterling job playing the villain – it’s such a shame we had to cut so much stuff to make it fit into a 3:30 video as there was so much Rogers gold we had to leave out!

So you’ve got a new album that’s going to be out in less than a week Familiar Stranger? Can you tell us a bit about it?
Well in Familiar Stranger there’s a fairly strong perceptual arc to the record. I came up with the track listing before we started recording so it gave us the opportunity to try and tell a bit of a story I suppose. We can link songs together musically which was really fun. The last 3 songs of the record are all linked together musically so it’s like one 12 minute song with 3 parts. The first 2 songs are linked together as well – it was really fun. All the songs relate to the last 3 years of my life. In that sense its different to the last 2 records as they were about everything that happened in my life. When I finished Bull Creek I kind of felt I reached the end of a chapter in my song writing and I wanted to start with a fresh slate. So this record is really about a really small period of time in my life – it’s dedicated to the last 3 years

Any favourite tracks we should keep an ear out for?
Well because I’m still so close to it its really hard for me to pick favourites – I’m quite fond of a track called To Let You Down because out of all the songs it’s the only one that sounds the closest to my original vision in my head – it’s got some really nice chords. I wrote it on the piano so the chord structure is completely different to how I’d normally write as normally I write with guitar. It’s an homage to John Lennon.

Have you got some touring coming up to support the new album?
Yeah I’m touring all through April and May. I’ve got the most amazing band together. I’m really so excited about it. I’ve got the guy who played bass on my record, Tony Buchan, he is gonna be touring with me. Which is great as it’s the first time I’ve ever had someone who played on the record come out and play live with me. I’ve got Malcolm Clark on drums who toured with me on the last record and has played with Sleepy Jackson and is one of my favourite drummers in the world. Dave Lane from You Am I is going to play lead guitar and I’ve got this young fresh faced guy named James playing keyboards. It’s gonna be pretty f**king cool!

OK now we’ll finish off with the SCP big 5 crazy questions:

Have you ever hurt yourself on your ARIA award? They look pretty dangerous!!
No but I’ve hurt lots of other people with it

Who’s face would you prefer to lick- Nick Cave, Josh Pyke or John Butler?
Nick Cave’s the only face that I haven’t already licked!

What toppings do you like on a Hot Dog?
Cheese, onion & BBQ sauce

Have you ever been busting to use the bathroom whilst on stage?
F**k yeah, heaps – it happens a lot. Normally I’m able to hold on until the end. I’ve done a lot of pisses in the space between the end of the set and the encore – there’s probably been times in live gigs where I’ve been sweating so much that I’m already drenched that I could probably piss myself on stage and no one would know but because of my own sense of self-respect and decency I haven’t done that!

How many times have you loved someone so much it hurt?
Well when I was in high school every f**king week. I was shocking in high school, I fell in love at the drop of a hat and it was always unrequited, I think that was good fuel for song writing though so yeah – the answer is more f**king times than I can care about!

Well thank you so much for your time Bob. We really can’t wait to hear Familiar Stranger were gonna play Go for our readers on SnapCacklePop cause it’s a great video and all the best of luck for the upcoming album and tour.
Thank you very much for chatting to me

Bob Evan's new single Go is out now on iTunes & Familiar Stranger is out on 15th of March..!

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