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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

New Video Alert - Linkin Park - Castle Of Glass

As lovers of Pop, there are not too many bands from other genres that manage to break through our Pop filter. Linkin Park however is definitely one of them. They’ve had some absolutely brilliant tracks like What I’ve Done, Shadow of The Day, and Breaking the Habit  and now Linkin Park are back with another fantastic single that’s probably their most mellow yet...
 Castle Of Glass was released last year as a promotion for the game Medal of Honor : Warfighter but has only recently been realeased on iTunes. It has no hard rocking beats, no screaming vocals and nothing to show this is a track from a hard rock band. Castle Of Glass has a more an electronic vibe to it and lead vocals of Chester Bennington are smooth as ever. For Pop lovers like us, Linkin Park is a welcome release for our edgier side and after 17 years in the business they keep getting better & better..!

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