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Monday, 18 March 2013

New Video Alert - Electric Stiletto – Turn Up The Radio

Whoh. What a difference a couple of years can make!! In 2011 we brought you a Meh! Moment in Pop – an awful track by Bella Vida called Kiss Kiss Me Bang Bang – even the name of the track is horrid. What was different about Bella Vida is that they are Hayley & Taylor-Ann HasselHoff – yes, David Hasselhoff’s daughters!! We HATED that song and unsurprisingly Bella Vida have disappeared from the music scene. Until now. Hayley & Taylor-Ann are now back as Electric Stiletto and we are…

This track is simply brilliant pop. A pop/dance track worthy of any club it immediately brings you to the dance floor. You wouldn’t be surprised if this track was released by a seasoned dance act like Cascada, not artists we were bagging not too long ago. What hard work these girls must have done in the past couple of years since Kiss Kiss Me Bang Bang to bring us something like Turn Up The Radio. Respect girls. Respect.

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