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Monday, 25 March 2013

New Video Alert - 3OH!3 - Back To Life

This is a 3OH!3 song? Seriously? The boys who brought you the almost parodic My First Kiss & Don’t Trust Me have now released a song that sounds almost inspirational.. that’s until you hear the lyrics! Of course the song is about a party and bringing it Back To Life – even if that means..
using dynamite – in true 3OH!3 style. What is different about their new single is the maturity and musicality that’s been brought to the track. With its slower beat, if this was released by Coldplay or The Script you wouldn’t bat an eyelid but being released by two of the biggest jokers in music? We’re impressed! We often listen to new music here without knowing who the artist is and we did a double take when we wanted to find out who this new track was by. Have a watch of the awesome video to Back To Life and we really hope this tops the charts around the world..!

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