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Thursday, 21 March 2013

New Single Alert - - #THATPOWER Feat. Justin Bieber

Hmm.. interesting direction… interesting. No doubt capitalising on the success of Scream and Shout with the legendary Britney Spears, has again teamed up with another Pop icon for his new single #THATPOWER.
 Justin Bieber himself provides the vocals on what will undoubtedly be another chart topping hit for It’s also very interesting that he’s built in the social media hash tag into the name of the song – bloody smart move if you ask us! Damn why didn’t we call ourselves #SNAPCACKLEPOP..? #THATPOWER hits the mark as far as we’re concerned and two of music’s biggest Pop powerhouses together certainly get us excited. So really the next question for us is… Who’s next Nicki Minaj? Justin Timberlake? J Lo? If you’re taking suggestions we say our gorgeous Pop queen Kylie Minogue..!

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