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Thursday, 21 March 2013

New Single Alert - Michael Bublé – It’s A Beautiful Day

What can we say about Michael Bublé except that he’s one of the most loved, desired and listened to men in the world. He’s also a subject of jealousy from many men around the world who see their women swoon over this man who just exudes class, sex, humour, caring and almost everything else they can desire. Sure to be on many women’s ‘lists’ Michael could package compacted garbage with his face and a ribbon and it would sell by the truckload...
 Fortunately for us he doesn’t – he puts out music that is fun, upbeat and just makes you feel good. Michael is quite unique in the music scene; he doesn’t release a lot of singles – he focuses on album sales – but the singles he releases are simply brilliant. Everything, Home & Haven’t Met You Yet have not been chart toppers for him but they’ve been super popular tracks that have propelled his albums to multi-platinum sales. His new single It’s A Beautiful Day is more along the upbeat lines of Haven’t Met You Yet and is sure to make his new album To Be Loved a smash hit when it’s released in April. With the looks, charm, vocals and personality that every woman desires and every man secretly desires to have, Bubble Boy is onto another winner with It’s A Beautiful Day..!

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