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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

New Single Alert - Kylie Minogue - Whistle Feat. Mum

Before you listen to Kylie's new single Whistle there are three things you should know:

1) This is not a single from a new Kylie album - it's from the soundtrack to the movie Jack & Diane (that also features Kylie
2) It's not a cover of a Flo-Rida song
3) Don't expect Love At First Sight or All The Lovers here - think more Where The Wild Roses Grow but way quirkier thanks to teaming up with the Icelandic experimental band Múm

Ok so we've prepared you now...
This is different - survey most on the street and they'd never guess this was a Kylie track. But we like it.  Listening to it, it's more Múm than it is Kylie but she's the overriding vocal in the song. It's sweet, delicate and melodic with an interesting use of vocals and computer generated sounds. Each and every listen you like it more and more. Out now on iTunes to buy, we could go on about it but we think it's best you listen to Whistle yourself..!

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