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Monday, 25 March 2013

New Single Alert - Hot Chelle Rae - Hung Up

Hot Chelle Rae are no strangers to the pages of SnapCacklePop. We even caught them live last year and loved their high energy, catchy tracks – well what we could hear over the thousands of screaming girls! Their last album Whatever was a big smash for them launching four hit singles and cementing them in the highest Pop echelon....
 HCR are now back to do it all over again with their new single Hung Up from their forthcoming third album. It’s not the in-your-face catchy pop hit like Tonight Tonight, it’s more subtle and definitely grows on you . We’re not sure Hung Up will have the moxie to top the charts but it’s radio friendly and sets up the band for a slightly different direction for their new offering. Check out Hung Up here and decide for yourself..!

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