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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

New Single Alert - Flo-Rida - Sweet Spot Feat Jennifer Lopez

Flo Rida caused waves in the pop world in 2012, with his singles Let It Roll, I Cry, Good Feeling, Wild Ones feat Sia and Whistle. Whistle was one of Flo Rida’s biggest hits, sitting at #1 for seven consecutive weeks on the ARIA Chart due it’s catchy beat, “do do do doooo duo” bit sticks in your head and the tune makes you what to skip down the street, however won our Cackle Worst Pop of 2012, due to its lyrical content...
Well the hit maker is back with Sweet Spot with this upbeat track not only features the synonymous Flo Rida beats, but it also features superstar Jennifer Lopez. Taken from his album Wild Ones, its yet another sexually charged track, with J.Lo singing to *ahem* “hit her sweet spot” however not as lyrically blunt as Whistle. It has a great beat, however we wonder whether you will like it? Let us know your thoughts..! Oh and btw the lyric video is full of boobs!

Get your copy of Wild Ones on iTunes now..!

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