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Sunday, 24 March 2013

New Single Alert - Belinda Carlisle - Sun

You know how music is a HUGE influence on your life when you’re growing up? You have your favourite artists that you defend to the death. Their albums get worn out, their posters adorn your walls, your parents are sick of hearing them day after week after month after year. And the love never dies – they remain a part of you. Well for one SCP staffer that music icon is Belinda Carlisle. And he never thought he’d get the chance to write this post – a new single from Belinda!!! Wahooo!!!

Last year we we got the chance to catch Belinda live and they show was phenomenal! She is truly one of the best live acts we’ve ever seen. It was there she gave us a sneak preview of her new single Sun and we loved it then – but now it’s out we love it even more!! The lead single Sun from a new Best Of album is a high energy Pop masterpiece from the former Go-Go and showcases her trademark vocals perfectly. Unfortunately it’s only available for purchase from the U.S. & Canadian iTunes stores so far but will be out around the world shortly we hope. Here’s hoping we see the beautiful Belinda back on the charts again soon..!

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