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Friday, 15 March 2013

New Single Alert - 2NE1 - Take The World On Feat

Last year 2NE1 became one our SCP fav K-Pop new artist due to their single I Love U and we hoped they were destined for great things, due to their single's pop awesomeness. They have just released their new collaborations with which is charged with synth pop electro bubblegum pop that would normally send SCP HQ into meltdown, however...
its a bit bland for our liking. Their I Love U single was edgy, pop-tastic and original. This just sounds like something that didn't make a Black Eyed Peas album, even as a B-side. We know it's harsh, however we love our K-Pop and we love this band, so we expect more please. 2NE1, if you are reading this, please just give us pop edge that we need, as this single is more of an album filler not and album anthem..! That is all..!

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