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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Introducing - Duvchi..!

Something interest landed in the SCP mail desk this week that has made us intrigued and we just had to share. Duvchi hails from pop land Sweden and fuses a blend of pop, synths, new wave production and euphoric beats. Sounding like early Pet Shop Boys, his sound is described as “uncompromising pop in its purest form” being passionate and lavish whilst fragile and unassuming...
Duvchi (real name Jens Duvsjö) is from Stockholm and before his breakthrough he worked closest with creating music for the advertising world, tearing tickets at the Royal Opera and producing music for some of New York's underground rappers. He then received a warm welcome to the music world, when his debut single Turtleduvs was released in the autumn of 2011 and was hailed by a unanimous wave of critics. British Dazed & Confused placed it on its best of the year list and the employees of Swedish Radio voted it as their favorite song of the year. Simple, effective and showcases the delicate blend of pop, synths and dream type melodies. Check it.

Duvchi, who writes, produces and sings, is a dedicated perfectionist, genuinely fascinated by perfecting every nuance of every note says about his music “I work indescribably intense, lock me in the day until I adjoin getting crazy forehead. It's emotional, but I let it take time. This is my chance to put words to some sort of sense that I want to express”

When asked what he wants to achieve with his music, besides the fact he wants a puppy or some kind of a hamster fusion should be renamed after me [davschiiii], he said “I wants to give the gift of music. To surprise and concern, perhaps helping”. Describing his music as “most accurate dream of life. It takes a bit of different paths. So dream music perhaps.” we think its a great new sound.

He's now back with new single Whole Life Tour that we think is stronger, deeper, sounds like Pet Shop Boys and will gain the singer much deserved buzz on the pop interweb. We will be watching the new talent closely, as believe he will go far in this crazy world of pop. Check out the new single below..!

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