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Friday, 22 March 2013

Caught LIVE - Girls Aloud..!

When SCP was over in London recently, we were very fortunate (now) to have wangled ourselves to tickets to the Girls Aloud Hit Tour Ten. Following yesterday's news that Girls Aloud are splitting, it's feels right that SCP were able to attend their final bow to the pop world. Regular readers of SCP will know that this is like pop royalty to us, so you can imagine our excitement as we approached London’s O2 Arena. Though we were “frothing” at the mouth with anticipation, there was also a glint of apprehension if the girls could still wow a crowd after a three year break...
After watching support acts Amelia Lily get the crowd into a frenzy, it was only then moments until the backdrop fell to reveal the five girls Kimberley Walsh, Nicola Roberts, Nadine Coyle, Cheryl Cole and Sarah Harding standing on a massive sign spelling GIRLS ALOUD suspended above the stage. Then first single Sound Of The Underground erupted around the arena to much delight of the fans (and SCP) and we knew Girls Aloud were back..!

As the girls we then lowered to the stage and assisted down off the sign by 5 hunky dancers, it was then a trip down memory lane in Act 1 as the girls then proceeded to deliver each hit in chronological order, with No Good Advice, Life Got Cold, Wake Me Up and the Pointer Sisters cover Jump.

After a quick costume change, the catwalk segment commenced with each of the girls donning elaborate costumes of feathers and glitter and even Nicola Roberts in a American Indian headdress as they continued to deliver the hits The Show, Love Machine, Whole Lotta History (against a video montage of the girls over the last ten years) Can't Speak French and SCP fav Biology “The way that we talk, the way that we walk, so easily caught, You got me speaking Biology..”

Girls Aloud GOLD!

Further costume changes to final act containing Something Kinda Ooh, a cover of Carly Rea Jepson’s Call Me Maybe (What the hell is that doing there! Rude!) and then slowed it down to the beautiful ballad Beautiful ‘Cause You Love Me which Nicola Roberts demonstrated that its not only Cheryl and Nadine that can lead a track with an incredible vocal performance. Ending the act with new track Something New as Nadine sung "Go girls g-g-go, go, go, We girls gonna take control" and the GA girls strutted the stage and the crowd erupted.

 As SCP sat down to draw breath into a brown paper bag, the crowd screamed for an encore that saw the girls rise from the stage in matching sparkling red floor length dresses. They sang an emotional rendition of I’ll Stand By Young, to a background of video footage across the last ten years, which even brought a tear to SCP’s eye! 

To conclude was the Brit Award winning song The Promise, that reminded us once again of the brilliant tracks Brian Higgins and the team Xenomania have produced for these girls over the last ten years.

As SCP left the O2 arena slightly drunk and singing with the crowd various hits we had just heard, we thought that these girls had done good. Ten years ago, after destroying their Pop Stars – The Rivals conterpart One True Voice in the bid to Christmas No.1, no-one, even Girls Aloud themselves would of imagined what was to come. We must forget Brian and his team in this tour or the last ten years, as he has worked with GA team on every album and responsible for every hit that we had just witness on stage.
That said, after just witnessing a show full of feathers, sparkle and glitter, the Girls have not only delivered totally brilliant pop records, an awesome tour and a bunch of emotions and memories, these girls have proven that they are were the leaders of the pop pack..!

Thanks to our friends at The Bizzo you can catch the opening of this fabulous show, even if it was for the last time (for now)..!

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