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Friday, 22 March 2013

Album Review - Charli XCX - True Romance

English singer songwriter Charli XCX’s debut album True Romance has been eagerly awaited at SCP HQ for a while as has been in the making since 2010. Produced by Ariel Rechtshaid, the record has been described as new dark wave pop with electro beats which the singer wishes us to “dance and cry” whilst listening to the LP. As we said previously, this emerging pop star had our attention since Icona Pop’s brilliant I Love It and her brilliant stand out track You (Ha Ha Ha)...
True Romance seems to have been written with a new generation of pop in mind, with its combinations of irresistible pop hooks, deep dub-step bass and honest and raw unapologetic lyrics, which explore love, life, heartbreak and even obsession.

Track Nuclear Seasons gives us deep dark synths, mid tempo beats, with a glistening of tubular bells laced with a sweet “Oha oha oha O” chant through the chorus that glides us into the album that is True Romance. You (Ha Ha Ha ) is a standout track written about a new relationship doomed to fail before it's already begun and samples Gold Panda’s track of the same name. Charli describes it as "angel-pop", blending the stick in your head sample with honest pop vocals. Take My Hand is definitely a single ready to be released, with its hard dance beats that follows the same style of Icona Pop’s  I Love It with its punchy beats, screaming sythns and catchy lyrics, its up tempo electro pop that we love..! And the tracks continue to deliver with a varying of styles including hip-hop/rap with Could Aura featuring Brooke Candy, R&B smooth grooves with dance edge in What I Like. Pulsating beats, showing her goth pop side in Black Roses continuing the dark edge with How Can I. Then finally, synth driven pop in Lock You Up, delivering a great solid end to a great debut album.

“I’ve wanted to write good pop music, beautiful pop music—not just throwaways. I’ve always wanted to make it sound luscious, and beautiful and cinematic. I feel like I’ve done that with this record. The way that I describe it is purple pop music, it’s moody, emotional and rich” Says the singer of the new album.

We couldn’t agree more, as Charli XCX’s debut is a strong offering for such a young star (20 years young). With deep dub-step, electro beats interlaced with a sophisticated or mature understanding of pop, it’s clearly been well worth the delay, as the results speak for themselves.

Stand out tracks You (Ha Ha Ha), Take My Hand, Stay Away

Roll up roll up there's a new pop star in town and that is Charli XCX.

True Romance is available on iTunes pre-order  now..!

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