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Friday, 1 February 2013

Wally Lopez tells Graffiti6's Jamie Scott You Can't Stop The Beat..!

As runners-up in our Awesome Album award, you all know we're fans of Graffiti6 and their amazing debut album Colours. Front man Jamie Scott is a man of many talents though and has now lent his voice to DJ Wally Lopez's new dance track You Can't Stop The Beat. No it's not a version of the Hairspray classic but a great dance single in it's own right. Jamie's smooth vocals suit perfectly (though we can't think of anything he couldn't sing) and we're lucky to see plenty of the handsome British singer/songwriter in the video - we want to come to your party Wally - anytime you want to invite us - we're up for it OK?! In the meantime you'll love You Can't Stop The Beat as much as we do..!

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