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Thursday, 31 January 2013

The welcome return of Swedish pop gem Vanbot..!

The electro-pop Swedish singer Vanbot, who stole our hearts back in 2011 with her debut self-titled album and won our OMG What an awesome debut album is back with new single Hold This Moment.
Still serving up her catchy lyrics, electro-pop-dance beats and stomping choruses, the track is darker and brooding sound with lyrics to match, as the singer yearns for love of a boy singing “I just found out I want you so badly.” in this captivating track. The video is equally as dark against a nighttime snow capped forest, mirrored rooms and interpretive dance moves.
Often drawing comparisons to fellow Swedish pop singer Robyn, at SCP HQ we think that Vanbot easily stands outside of the Dancing On My Own singers shadow and a pop star in her own right. We love ya honey and eagerly await your sophomore album..!

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