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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

SnapCacklePop Music Awards - Little Aussie Battler Award

As Australia is the home of so much pop talent this year we decided to introduce a new award to recognise the brilliant artists that we see working damn hard at their art. They may not always receive the recognition for their hard work by having the best song of the year or the most amazing album but they bring us amazing pop that we just adore and respect them for.

As such we're introducing the Little Aussie Battler award to recognise the Australian artist who exemplifies hard work and dedication to Pop. 

This year the award goes to...

We so admire Ricki-Lee - not only is she gorgeous, she brings us amazing pop - her album Fear & Freedom is one of our favorite albums of the year with amazing tracks like Raining Diamonds, Crazy and Burn It Down pleasing our ears every day. She works bloody hard and has been on the promotional trail all year, performing show cases and gaining respect from Australia for her amazing vocals and she just looks SLAMMING!! When we hear her songs on the radio we feel an immense sense of pride in Ricki-Lee as we know how hard she's dedicated herself to get there. Ricki-Lee we love you and congratulations on winning our inaugural Little Aussie Battler award..!

Runner Up...
We can't tell you the number of times we've had someone ask us 'who's song is this' thinking it's the latest thing from veterans like Usher or Ne-Yo. We can only smile when we tell them it's upcoming Aussie Pop icon Timomatic. Finding fame with Australia's Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance as a dancer, Timomatic has found success as a singer with brillian Pop tracks like Set It Off, If Looks Could Kill, Can You Feel It and Incredible. We've honestly been astonished by the quality of the tracks and how much Pop brilliance he's brought to the charts this year and seeing him perform live only cements how amazing he is. We hope he tries to make it around the world because with Pop tracks like this, we think he can make it! Congrats Timomatic for being Runner Up in the Little Aussie Battler Awards..!

Honorable Mention
Jessica Mauboy
This girl has so much talent. Not only is she an incredible singer she's not proven herself as a brilliant actor with her performance in The Sapphires. Whilst it seems that Jessica Mauboy hasn't battled this year, we know she works so hard and puts herself on the line time after time to prove herself in all areas of entertainment and had worked . An amazing performer live we love everything that Jessica brings so is worthy of an Honorable mention as a Little Aussie Battler..!

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