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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Kylie takes a break and splits with manager..!

Yes you read correctly, Kylie Minogue has split from her manager Terry Blamey and said to be taking a break from the music industry after 25 years. The Australian international artist wishes to stop recording for the time being to focus on her acting career. According to Britain's The Sunday Mirror it seems there have been tension between Terry and Kylie’s father and account Ron Minogue which has led to the star questioning what to do next. It’s sends a shock across the music industry, as even in November, Kylie gave an emotional speech about her manager in London when Blamey was recognised at the British music industry's Artist and Manager Awards.

Releasing this statement has further shown that Minogue is ready for a break saying “Kylie's decision to stop recording for the time being and part company with Terry has come as a massive shock. Ever since she broke into the charts in the '80s, Terry has been the man behind the scenes. But now Kylie is saying she wants to pull back from the pressures that come with a music career."

Blamey then follow up the statement by saying "As we reach this fork in the road after a wonderful 25 years working together, we do so amicably, wishing each other nothing but the very best for each other’s continued success," continuing saying "This is not to say she will be retiring from music, just taking a bit of a break."
As many pop fans across the world come to terms with the news and SCP HQ go into meltdown, some may need to ask, was K25 in the plan all along and a farewell to Kylie's & Terry's 25 years together..!

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