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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Katy Tiz delivers new style of pop for debut single..!

UK newcomer singer Katy Tiz is a fresh sound for 2013, releasing her debut single Famous. It’s a slice of pop that SCP love, combining witty lyrics, reggae-style verses, a catchy pop chorus, underpinned by a great bass beat and a catchy hook singing "You only want to fuck me cuz I'm a famous".

Speaking about the track the 17-year old says "It's a tongue-in-cheek, ironic song. It's funny because I'm not famous. I take my profession very seriously, but I want to enjoy this experience as much as possible and have fun—whether it lasts two months or 15 years. I'm almost making this song to prove I'm not one of those fake people. I always want to be real. I want to be me. I'll never change. The only thing that changes is my address."           

Taken from her forthcoming debut album, the singer is definitely one to watch, serving up a fresh sexy sound, that is bound to get the pop world’s attention. You have our attention Katy Tiz..!

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