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Friday, 18 January 2013

Dido returns with new single and album..!

Where the hell has this lady been? One of the UK’s biggest selling female artists Dido returns with a new album and one of her strongest yet. Reunited once more with brother Rollo Armstrong – who has produced the majority of the album Dido’s eagerly anticipated fourth album, Girl Who Got Away, is out March 1st with her stunning new single No Freedom hitting radio next week. 
Having already dropped killer track Let Us Move On – featuring rapper Kendrick Lamar from the album, Dido also collaborated with Brian Eno, Jeff Bhasker, Rick Nowels and Greg Kurstin to create an 11-track album of the very finest self-penned, soul-baring electro-pop. however you can check it out below..!  If you loved Dido before, you’re about to fall in love with her all over again, as the singer delivers a euphoric rush of Go Dreaming, through the barbed wit of End of Night, and the loved-up folk of Sitting On The Roof Of The World – where Dido sparkles like the night sky – Blackbird is also deliciously withering and as for the album's title track? "It's one of my favourite songs on the record," she says. "But I guess it also sums up the last few years for me. Taking a step back from it all and going off to have the whole happy adventure of starting a family and making an album that I really am so proud of. And now I just can't wait for people to hear it."

She continues; “It was an incredibly fun record to make. There was no pressure on me at all. It’s all been so natural and easy. On every other record I’ve made, there have been really tricky days, but there weren’t any like that on this one.”                                                                                                                                                                                              
Dido’s first two albums No Angel and Life For Rent have both sold seven times platinum here in Australia, and remain two of the UK’s biggest sellers of all-time and her critically acclaimed third LP Safe Trip Home kept the momentum going as album sales hit the 29 million mark. Now she’s back with a new LP full of classic Dido. Check out No Freedom below and full track-listing of new LP, pre-ordering your copy on iTunes now..!


1. No Freedom
2. Girl Who Got Away
3. Let Us Move On feat. Kendrick Lamar  
4. Blackbird
5. End of Night
6. Sitting On The Roof Of The World
7. Love To Blame
8. Go Dreaming
9. Happy New Year
10. Loveless Hearts
11. Day Before We Went To War

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