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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Daley & Jessie J remember Blue Boy with their new track..!

Ging, gigiging, ginggingging, gigigiging ging ging ging ging - they were some of the most well known lyrics of the 90's from Scottish DJ Blue Boy's hit track Remember Me. It was pretty much his only hit single and now it's been revived by another UK artist, Daley, with the help of our favorite British songstress, Jessie J. They've brought a fresh new jive to this brilliant track and Jessie J's vocals are flawless as ever. Jessie J also brings a new fresh look to the video with a natural look that really shows how much of a gorgeous creature she really is. This track was actually released a few months ago in the UK but its gaining popularity world-wide now - as it should. Check out Remember Me here now..!

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