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Thursday, 27 December 2012

SnapCacklePop Music Awards 2012 - Video Of The Year..!

As we kick off the SnapCacklePop Music Awards for 2012, it's worth noting it was once again its was a massive debate amongst the SCP team, even with more tears and tantrums as we battled it out over the best pop of 2012. We kick off with the best video award and the nominations were...

Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up
M.I.A. - Bad Girls
Kylie Minogue – Timebomb
Pink – Try 
Justin Beiber – Beauty & The Beat
David Guetta/SIA - Titanium

And the winner is...
Pink - Try
Said by the singer to be her favourite video ever we can understand why, as the singer uses choreography to tell the story romance expressing their frustrations with us by dance. The second single from P!nk's new album The Truth About Love was directed by Floria Sigismondi and choreographed by The Golden Boyz, see’s the singer throws herself and her suitably ripped male dancer Colt Prattes around the room violently in a passionate dance routine with explosions of paint as they fight. The end of the video shows the pair running into each other’s arms as they realize how much they need each other. A truly beautiful video, full of passion, creativity and one hell of a hot man!! No wonder she said "Making this video was the most fun I've ever had in my entire career" Congratulations Pink, you are this years Video Of The Year..!

Runner Up
M.I.A - Bad Girls
M.I.A. action packed and gritty video for Bad Girls was directed by Romain Gavras and is set amongst crumbled architecture, as the singer leads a crowd of women decked in traditional middle-eastern garb with a hipster twist, driving swanky cars in a desert drag race and doing some pretty impressive stunts. Pushing boundaries, the clip has received both positive and negative reviews from some saying it’s a visual representation of the political struggle for Middle Eastern feminists, compared to rave reviews saying it is pushing boundaries, even winning Best Directed and Best Cinematography at the MTV Music Awards this year. 

Honourable mention...
Kylie Minogue - Timebomb
Honourable mention goes to the Kylie Minogue in what has been her 25th year in the pop world, she release the brilliant TimeBomb. Back in her signature hot pants and also a raunchy little black dress, the singer looks stunning in the Christian Larson directed clip, with Kylie being shot from various perspectives such as camera phones, passers by and video camera. Then strutting down the streets of Soho, London before ending the clip on the back dancing on the back of motorbike performing a wheelie.

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