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Friday, 28 December 2012

SnapCacklePop Music Awards 2012 - OMG! That brilliant new artist award..!

A very interesting category, that sparks much debate at SCP HQ, as there have been so many new pop stars emerging this year, however thanks to your help, we drew up a short list. And the nominations were...

Rita Ora
Lana Del Rey
Emeli Sande
Frank Ocean
Little Mix
Carly Rea Jepsen
Icona Pop

And the winner is...
Little Mix
Yes these girls had us at "Hello", well it was actually "These wings are made to flllllllyyyy" as they burst onto the pop charts with their debut single Wings and the SCP team were instantly hooked. They are a fresh talent to the pop world, diverse, cheeky, charming and full of personality and all four of them are very talented. They have achieved so much since winning X-Factor last year, with their debut album DNA also picking up an nomination for OMG, what a awesome debut album! With some reports claiming these girls could be the next Spice Girls, they are definitely going to be looking at world domination in 2013. Congrats Little Mix, such a great addition to the pop world. We met the gorgeous girls earlier this year, check out the interview here..!

Runner Up

Engaged couple Amy & Nick aka Karmin, burst onto the charts with their brilliant track Brokenhearted earlier this year and have since got the world attention with the blend of pop/hip-hop that has funky fresh beat. They released their debut EP Hello which served up second single Hello, however we reckon there is going to be a lot more from American Pop duo Karmin in the next year, so keep your ears open..!

Honourable mention
Alright, we understand that you maybe thinking "WTF SCP, PSY as brilliant new artist?" Well we would understand your concerns, however its an honourable mention, not for his single Gangman Style, its more for what he has achieved with just one single. Yep, he has managed to create a worldwide hit, had over 1billion YouTube hits and created a crazy dance move, that everyone loves to hate. Yes its annoying, but try finding someone on the planet who doesn't know the track! We'll just be interested in what Mr Psy does next, or whether he will fall down the One Hit Wonder path like many pop stars have done before. Only time will tell..! 

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