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Monday, 17 December 2012

New Video Alert - Skylar Grey - C'mon Let Me Ride Feat. Eminem

Oh this is not fair. We soooo wanted to dislike this song. As the vocalist on  P Diddy's Coming Home, Skylar has not had a lot of solo success - she is however a very talented musician and composer mind you. But with Eminem as a featured artist as well as the name of the song we expected it to be just awful. It's not. It's great! This song is fun - we've not heard something like this in so much time - it's quirky but without being weird and you just want to hear it more & more!! The video is cheeky and Eminem's role is pretty small - but wait till you hear the chorus of C'mon Let Me Ride - you'll know exactly what we're talking about! With a clever sampling of Queen's Bicycle Race to top it off, this is going to be one of our favorite tracks of December! Well played Skylar. Well played..!

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