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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

SnapCacklePop Music Awards 2012..!

It’s back..! Returning for its second year it’s the SnapCacklePop Music Awards 2012. Yes its that time of year where we reflect back on the years of pop awesomeness and honour those pop star who have delivered the sound tracks to 2012. Last years awards went to Goyte, Jessie J, Vanbot, Strange Talk, David Guetta and Adele swept the board with her brilliant album 21. Oh and Kim Kardasdian won one too however that was for the worst pop of the year with single Jam, however we are please to confirm she has not released anymore music! Phew! So as we start to draw up the short list in the categories below,  we at SCP HQ want to know what you, our loyal readers, feel is the best pop of the year. So here is your chance to get involved.

Check out the categories below and let us know who you think should be nominated and let us know. We’ll be drawing up a short list in a few weeks with the awards then being announced after SCP HQ go into the biggest pop debate of the year.

So get involved, its your chance to recognize who you think deserves out pop awards..!

The categories are…
SCP Video of the Year
OMG! That Brilliant New Artist Award
OMG! What an awesome debut Album Award
One To Watch in 2013 Award
SCPop King of the Year
SCPop Queen of the Year
SCPop Peoples Choice - Artist Of The Year Award
SNAP Single of the Year
CACKLE Worst POP of 2012
POP Album of the Year

Until then, here is a hot contender for Single of the Year. Of course, its Girls Aloud..!

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