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Sunday, 4 November 2012

New Video Alert - One Direction - Little Things

This is unexpected. One Direction is arguably the biggest band in the world at the moment. Their blend of infectious upbeat pop tracks delight their fans around the world and their cheeky videos just make their fans love them even more. The five handsome lads have gone a very different route for their next track Little Things. This is a simple acoustic track, no beat, no drums, just the boys and a guitar. And it works. Very well. Each of them have solos where we get to see them intimately, both them and their voice - then the song finishes off with a beautiful harmony from all of them. The simple black and white video set in the studio will appeal to their fans more than any or their other videos because of how well they connect with the camera - really a masterstroke of directing that just goes perfectly with the song. Oh & Liam has a very handsome new haircut!! Be one of the first to watch Little Things, from the amazing One Direction..!

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