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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Morcheeba’s Skye returns with new album..!

Trip-hop's undisputed Queen and Morcheeba frontwoman Skye returns this Autumn with her third solo record, Back To Now with a different style from her previous albums with tracks instead evolved from the early barebones of beats and loops.

Aware of the potential of the raw material she had written, Skye specifically sought out the production services of Fitzmaurice; ‘I’d worked with Stephen before when he mixed (previous single) ‘Love Show’ and knew he’d be able to take these new songs to the next level’.
Fitzmaurice’s crisp production values couple with Skye’s ethereal voice to impressive effect, across a distinctly nocturnal soundscape. Whilst Every Little Lie’s chorus mines a compulsive vocal hook to memorable effect, then on other tracks strings are employed to distinctive effect on Bright Light and the possessive plea of Nowhere and the lead single of the new album being Featherlight, is full of Skye effortless vocals full of sythns bubble to the beat of the track. Check out the track list below with new video for Featherlight, but we must say we are loving it..!

1. Troubled Heart 

2. Sign of Life

3. Featherlight

4. Nowhere

5. Little Bit Lost

6. We Fall Down

7. Every Little Lie

8. High Life

9. Dissolve

10. Bright Light

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